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I am excited to share Trust Your Melody with you, now available here for purchase in paperback and eBOOK.

Inside the pages is a raw and relatable account of the challenging start to my parenthood journey.  Stripping back layers from the mask I wore to disguise my struggles has allowed me to reveal the truth behind my introduction to parenting. I candidly discuss birth deformity, reflux, a high-risk, excruciatingly painful pregnancy, and the many physical and emotional challenges I overcame. Walk with me as I travel over the highs and lows of my first three years of being a mother, and celebrate with me as I uncover the courage and confidence to listen to my inner melody and step into parenting (and life!) with purpose.

Trust Your Melody is laid out with an introduction, 9 chapters, a conclusion and a glossary (with a twist):

Introduction: Unlocking my Melody (download for FREE, above)
1. Welcome to the Club
2. Curly Perfection
3. Reflux is Real
4. A Turbulent Trek to Two under Two
5. In the Ring with Reflux, Round Two
6. Broken-Down Body
7. Socially: Surviving to Thriving
8. My Mummy Mask
9. Tips & Tricks
Conclusion: Singing my Song
Not-Your-Usual Glossary

Trust Your Melody is not another ‘How-to’ parenting guide, but the deeply authentic story of an everyday Mum thrown some heavy curve balls. My hope is that in telling my story honestly, you will feel connected to another parent, acknowledge your own parenting journey and learn some simple steps to embrace parenting your way.

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