We do not have to navigate our way through life alone.  Here are a few resources that I have found particularly helpful in my journey. I would be more than happy to give you any further guidance regarding any of these resources.

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Reflux Infants Support Association Inc. (RISA) is a not-for-profit community support group for parents of children affected by infant reflux.   Visit their website to explore the information and value RISA offers, including

  • How to recognise Reflux
  • Management tips, including feeding, sleeping and non-medicated approaches
  • Advice on gaining medical support
  • Telephone and email support as well as informal get togethers, plus so much more

They also have a public Facebook page, and a private members Facebook page which offers phenomenal support around the clock.


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The Reflux Bible, by Cherie Bacon, is a compilation of information and research of everything parents and caregivers need to know about reflux disease in babies (GORD).  This easy to read book contains a collaboration of in-depth research and medical information drawn from the four corners of the world.  It is hands down one of the best books on reflux for parents that I have come across.  Cherie, based in Ireland, delivers everything she promises to in this book. She includes the insights gained from having lived through caring for infant reflux, herself.  Visit her on Facebook and pop over to her website to place your order. The second edition of Cherie’s book, The Reflux Bible 2, is due out shortly.
Cherie has also released an App called “Infant Acid Reflux” which can be downloaded for both Apple and Android devices, and offers quick access to information and further resources about reflux.



Infant Reflux was founded in 2003, and is a website and forum designed to provide the information and support you need to manage your infants reflux. It is a great resource, enabling you to research & educate yourself so you can be the best advocate for your baby. An excellent website, particularly for (but not limited to) my American readers.