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Luminaries on the Loose


‘Luminaries on the Loose: Track Your Archetype Trail to Your Best Life’ is a beautiful guidebook filled with real-life stories by 14 Australian authors. Their personal experiences have been woven together in this compelling, motivating and inspirational book. A practical resource, or turn to any page for a great fun read!

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Product Description

Do you want to live your best life exactly as you imagine it?

Luminaries on the Loose will help you identify where you are in your life in order to better your life and feel happier! With the knowledge gained from the personal stories in this book, you’ll be able to confidently take steps toward your ideal life, as well as predict, and accurately plan for and face, what is next on your horizon.

This valuable guidebook will take you by the hand along the Archetypal Trail, so you can:

  • Live the life you want
  • Discover more about yourself
  • Achieve more direction, fulfilment and meaning every day

You’ll track your own life’s journey through the three ancient and time-tested phases and twenty-two essential steps in life’s ultimate quest for success, health, happiness . . . and love.

Follow the transformational steps and stories to increase your awareness of the possibilities open to you. Or just turn to any chapter for a good, fun read!

Enjoy the authentic voices of leading Australian authors who share their personal experiences that are woven together in this compelling, motivating and inspirational book.

A collaborative, unique, practical work compiled by Nadine Love.

To find out more about the authors, visit luminariesontheloose.com


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