2013 saw me attend a personal development event which literally changed my life.  I had been on an emotional roller-coaster ride that I did not know how to step off, and had no idea of the choices that were available to me in even the toughest of times.

Desperate to create some positive momentum, I made what felt like a bold decision to enrol in The Coaching Institute, my new school. Initially, my intention was simply to transform my life into a happier experience for me and my family.  As I burst through pervious limiting boundaries and beliefs, I noticed substantial results in many areas of my life, and quickly realised the benefits to sharing my learning with others.

I have always enjoyed connecting with people, and now thrive on my ability to be part of the conversation and process that uncovers an empowered and successful life – whatever that means for you!

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“Thank you! You have changed my life. I now have the skills and know-how to extract everything I can out of my life and now with a sense of drive I have never had before. You have helped me make a fundamental change which is lasting and this new energy will be overflowed to those around me.”
– Matt, 34

Master Practitioner of Coaching 2014 Member at The Coaching Institute