We do not have to navigate our way through life alone.  Here are a few resources that I have found particularly helpful in my journey. I would be more than happy to give you any further guidance regarding any of these resources.


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We are lucky to have some amazing bloggers from around the world who are also part of our Clubfoot community. My blog obviously shares some of my own thoughts. In particular the popular ‘10 Benefits to these *BLOODY* Boots’n’Bar‘ and ‘Celebrating a Clubfoot Choice – to continue treatment, or not…‘ seem to have been well received. I also enjoy reading:

LM-Arrow Dominique is a Writing Mother Fashionista, and mother to 3 rambunctious boys. After her youngest son Josiah arrived with Clubfoot, the Californian Mum made it her mission to raise awareness of the condition. Dominique also blogs about her family, her faith, beauty and fashion.
LM-Arrow Tony Spineto – If you are looking for an inspiring adult who has not allowed clubfoot to set limitations in his life, look no further than this endurance athlete. Tony, who has competed in many events ranging from triathlons to Ironman competitions, aims to educate parents on the positive outcomes that are possible for children born with clubfoot using himself as an example. Other than his own blog (currently being moved from here) you can also read about how Tony shared some of his thoughts with me in an interview recently.
LM-Arrow Anglea Erin Williams – Author of ‘Gracefully‘ and Mum to Elle Grace who was born with Clubfoot. Angela is based in North Carolina, US, and writes to help heal and encourage other parents going through the experience of finding out their child will be born with a birth defect.
LM-Arrow Casey Renee – Young Mum, Casey, writes from her home in Australia about parenting her son Jax, born with Clubfoot.
LM-Arrow Rebecca Harding – Bex is a UK based family and lifestyle blogger, who shares about her clubfoot journey with her son, Hugo. She also manages a private Facebook support group called Happy Feet Talipes.
LM-Arrow Natalie Roberts – Natalie’s daughter Chiara began with a Clubfoot, then months later received more diagnosis of Microcephaly, Quadriparetic Cerebral Palsy and Polymicrogyria. Having traveled along the road of cast’s, tenotomy’s, boots n’ bar, AFO and KAFO’s, Natalie also shares her insights into a new special needs world she is discovering with her daughter as their journey together continues. An absolutely beautiful sharing of experience and love.

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Aussie Clubfoot Kids (ACFK) is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at supporting parents and families of children born with Clubfoot in Australia and New Zealand. We offer support through our private Facebook group and forum, which contains approximately 1,000 members all sharing their experiences, and offering advice and support to each other. Children with clubfoot have a long and sometimes arduous journey ahead of them.  The ability to talk to others who really understand the process, the emotions and the options available is invaluable. ACFK offers their members a free welcome pack full of information, tips and facts about treatment through their website shop.


Leroy's Boots

My all time favorite children’s clubfoot book, Leroy’s Boots, is written by Lauren Christie. It is a tale told through the eyes of Leroy, Lauren’s son, who was born with clubfoot. Leroy is an incredibly adventurous, outgoing and beaming little boy to meet in real life. In the book he takes his big brother Jack on an adventure each night, proving that dreams really can come true.  You can follow Lauren and Leroy on Facebook, and purchase your own copy through the Aussie Clubfoot Kids website. All profits are donated to Aussie Clubfoots Kids.



Miraclefeet is an inspirational organisation, who increases access to proper treatment for children born with clubfoot in developing countries around the world.  They do this through partnerships with local healthcare providers.  In conjunction with Ian Connolly and Jeffrey Yang of Stanford University, they are also spearheading an innovative and inexpensive clubfoot brace design to specifically support the 1 million children living with untreated clubfeet in developing countries.  The new brace will eventually be available to the general public.  They feature a short 3 min video on their website giving you an insight into their exciting project.  Miraclefeet clinic’s are currently set up in 13 different countries, treating more than 10,000 children.



STEPS are a regional non-profit organisation founded in 2005, by the mother of a child born with clubfoot.  Their objective is to ensure that every child born with clubfoot in Southern Africa has access to early, equal and effective treatment by a provider trained in the Ponseti Method, at a dedicated clubfoot clinic.  STEPS is the incredible story of one mothers passionate dedication, along with the consistent effort of the team beside her.  Watch this 10 minute interview which tells the tale of how the Ponseti method was introduced to South Africa, and the effect it is now having there.  Along with the Steps Charity website, Karen Moss and her team also operate Clubfoot South Africa and Ponseti Southern Africa



Ponseti International Association is the birth place of the world renown gold-star treatment for children born with clubfoot. The Ponseti Method was developed at the University of Iowa by Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, M.D, and since his passing has continued to be delivered to the world by this fabulous organisation. They are the global leader in training and educating healthcare providers on the treatment for congenital clubfoot, and wish to see a world free of clubfoot disability. This website has reputable, reliable information for all families affected by clubfoot.


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FIRST STEPS – Talipes Australia is a facebook page set up by Mish & Clint, to both raise awareness of Clubfoot and share their son’s journey through treatment. Incredibly, they are also in the process of setting up an official foundation aimed at benefiting families in third world countries who are unable to receive the same treatment their son has access to. Mish & Clint will arrange for your used boots to be donated to locations overseas where they are desperately needed. They are currently developing a tracking system so you can follow the path your donated boots take. Read here for a little more info.


Clubfoot Community of California

Clubfoot Community of California is an insightful, informative and knowledgeable private Facebook group founded by Jill Harold, to support families of children born with Clubfoot. Initially set up to for families from California, the group welcomes all those with children affected by clubfoot. This is a genuine community, where I have found my questions, stories and success are all received with compassion.



Black Robin SocksMassons Healthcare, based in Melbourne, supply Ponseti equipment to both medical teams and families around Australia. You can email a completed order form to info@orthoticaust.com.au or call them on 03 9898 3440 to place your order of Mitchell Boots (grey, pink or blue), Ponseti Bar, Black Robin Socks, Pressure Saddles and even a Dorsi Ramp. In particular, we use Massons to order our Black Robin Socks. They feature double layers to prevent blisters and sores, anti-slip dots, extra length to fold back over the top of boots and a snug fit to reduce wrinkles and rubbing.