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Communication Profile for young boy with Apraxia of Speech

Our son, Thomas, will be four years old in May 2017. Not long before he turned three, he was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). Tommy’s diagnosis may or may not be explained by the partial duplication of Chromosome 21 that he carries.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association describe CAS as: “…a motor speech disorder. Children with CAS have […]

A Queenly afternoon with Constance Hall

With check in at 1pm and the event beginning at 4pm, I had 3 glorious hours to relax, get ready and walk 400 metres to the venue. Arranging airbnb accommodation on the night of Constance Hall’s book launch in Wollongong – in other words, a room all to myself – was up there with my best […]

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A Messy Moment in Motherhood – It Ain’t all Roses

Personally, I find it difficult to share something tricky when I’m in the middle of it. Most of the time I’m a heart-tucked-just-under-my-sleeve kinda girl, so it’s often easier to wait until the heaviness of a situation has passed before I talk about it (and talk I must!). Plus, I cry easily. If you […]

What I learnt from wearing Boots for 23 hours straight

Sitting with my feet curled up underneath me and a quilt of kiwiana fabric pulled over my lap, I absent-mindedly scrolled through social media. My thumb paused as a video caught my eye. Mellissa and Anthony, fellow clubfoot parents and founders of Sole Purpose Project, had laid down a challenge.

When children begin treatment for […]

Children’s Book Giveaway

Earlier in the year I purchased a copy of a children’s book titled: ‘Only Horses Sleep with shoes on their feet’. Written by Mellissa Hapi with the goal to raise awareness of children who have to wear clubfoot shoes (Boots’n’Bar) at night-time, it tells the story of how everyone’s different when it’s time to […]

1 in 1,000 – once again. A ‘Childhood Apraxia of Speech’ Diagnosis.

We’re familiar with these figures: Approximately 1 in every 1,000 children is affected, and the incidence is 2 (or possibly 3) times more likely in boys, than in girls. What we have only just realised is that these statistics not only relate to our eldest sons clubfoot, but they also represent a motor speech […]

For all the new Mumma’s…

Welcome, new Mumma, to this next phase
You’ve been blessed with a child, your privilege to raise
Life stops for a moment as you turn your gaze
Upon the small being who’ll fill up your days
It’s a wondrous journey, becoming a Mum
Sweet cheeks to stroke, lullabies to hum
So many special memories to come
As you march along to […]

A shitty couple of parenting days…

Parenting wise, it’s been a shitty couple of days. Master 4 ½ is capable of being sweet, compassionate, gentle and bursting full of love; sometimes for days at a time. But it can all change in a heartbeat. The flip side of him is extremely challenging to navigate – physically aggressive, angry and exceptionally strong […]

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Reflect and Recalibrate – Questions to ask yourself at Year End

As the year draws to an end, many of us are reflecting on the previous 12 months – I certainly am.

The goals I set and met, the ones that have been left hanging. What I’m proud of. What worked and what didn’t. At this time of year I start looking forward, too, to where […]

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Clubfoot – Boots’n’Bar Brilliance

“Barely acknowledging the other parents-to-be in the waiting room, we opened the large white envelope. Everything around me disappeared as I saw the typed words “Suspected Congenital Talipes Equinovarus Deformity”. Dr Google bought up some pretty confronting images on my husbands phone, and referred to the word ‘clubfoot’. With my heart thumping heavily in […]

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